Xbox 720 could record video, hints patent

The next Xbox could boast DVR capabilities if a Microsoft patent is any indication, letting you record video on your games console.

Shortly after Christmas Microsoft was awarded a patent titled ‘Recording media on gaming consoles’. The patent was filed way back in 2007 and describes “a digital video recorder (DVR) application running alongside a television client component” that “allows users to record media content on the gaming console”.

The patent also specifies that the tech would also let gamers record media while playing games, or when the console is switched off.

What can you record? Microsoft lists TV programming, local and online games, music and DVDs as some of the possibilities. You’ll be able to switch between the type of media you’re seeing while the console is recording.

While it’s prudent not to read too far into these patents, this one could give us a clue as to what the next Xbox will look like. And judging by the features described above, Microsoft could be setting its sights at the TV on-demand market.

Microsoft’s chunky console already boasts loads of video goodies including Sky Player and the Zune movie rental service. LoveFilm and 4oD should be making an appearance shortly, with the BBC’s iPlayer tipped to arrive later this year. But one thing it can’t do is record those tasty bits of video.

Microsoft could also be planning to ape a feature of the OnLive streaming gaming service, which lets you save ‘brag clips’, which are the last 10 seconds of gameplay. That means if something cool or funny happens in-game, you can save it at the press of a button.

Once saved, you can share your clip online. It’s a great feature, and we wouldn’t be surprised if Microsoft wanted to plant something similar in its next console.

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