news: Trophy Cabinet – Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Treasure, trailblazing and trophies combine in the outstanding adventure of 2011. Here’s how to max out your trophy list.

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception puts you on the trail of mystery, glory and some of the most challenging trophies on PlayStation 3. Luckily, the PlayStation Community are on hand with expert advice to help you unlock every trophy and achieve platinum status.

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In the meantime, your path to platinum in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is mapped out below.

“I spent about 18 hours chasing down the platinum trophy. When I bought the game I played it at my own pace to experience the story. After completing that, I played through again on the Crushing difficulty setting, where it takes more skill to kill enemies and stay alive.” (Zamunda, Portugal)

“Playing about two hours per afternoon, I managed to obtain the platinum trophy roughly 11 days after buying the game. Finding solid cover was crucial to my success – I did this 1,000 times, according to the in-game stats.” (Netweb, Portugal)

“Unlike many of my friends, I hunted for my platinum trophy backwards. I played the Hard and Crushing settings first, and then started all over again on Easy so I could explore all the nooks and crannies. I found it a phenomenal game.” (Aluai, Portugal)

“The hardest trophy to get is Dyno-Might Master, where you have to kill two enemies by returning a grenade. It’s impossible to earn it on the Easy difficulty setting because the enemies don’t throw grenades. In the harder modes the enemies do lob bombs, so it’s easier to find the right moment.” (Ghri, Italy)

“The Crushing difficulty setting will give you a hard time, so you cannot play as Rambo. Eliminate your opponents, take care of your ammo and be prepared to restart from checkpoints until you get the right result.” (Pioterek2010, Poland)

“Finishing some sections in Crushing mode took me up to ten attempts, and ultimately I survived these with lots of patience. You won’t have to try many sections too often if you remember to choose the best possible weapons in difficult shoot-outs, and stay behind cover as much as possible.” (Jyyste, Finland)

“Complete the game on any difficulty level to unlock the Crushing setting. Just enjoy the process and don’t pay attention to the trophies for this run-through. Don’t rush straight into gun battles and you’ll eventually succeed. You will also need to collect the treasures in at least one level and take part in at least one match in two different online modes. I recommend Chapter 19: The Settlement for earning the trophies. Good luck!” (Unostar, Russia)

“Some treasures are placed in very obscure locations. For example, some are located not on the floor, but in the ceiling. Shoot to dislodge them, and watch carefully to see where they fall.” (totAntoxaxa, Russia)

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