news: Pick the right PS Vita launch game for you

Say hello to the games set to lead the handheld gaming revolution, and choose the right ones for you.

PlayStation Vita hits European shores in a matter of weeks, and like the very best guests at any party, it’ll arrive with a mixture of familiar faces and some you’ll instantly want to get to know better.  

Ahead of its launch on 22 February 2012, here’s your essential guide to the Sony Computer Entertainment Europe-published games that will line up alongside PS Vita. 

Uncharted: Golden Abyss

What is it? The unmissable blockbuster in the palm of your hand. Join Nathan Drake on a deadly voyage to Central America, as he bids to reveal the fate of a Spanish expedition that disappeared 400 years previously.

Why it’ll shine: The unique controls and crystal clear OLED screen of PS Vita help you dive right into treacherous jungles and ruins alongside the famed fortune hunter. Use the rear camera to uncover ancient riddles, and the touchscreen and rear touch pad to jump, swing and cheat death.

Play it if you like: Turning your journey to work or school into a daring, danger-soaked epic.

WipEout 2048

What is it? The ultimate adrenaline rush, wherever you are.

Why it’ll shine: Touch and tilt controls give you unrivalled control over futuristic anti-grav ships, perfect for taking on PlayStation 3 WipEout racers via cross-platform play.

Play it if you like: Futuristic racing set to pumping beats – both electronic and cardiovascular.

Reality Fighters

What is it? The all-out fighting game that turns the environment around you into a seething battle arena.

Why it’ll shine: Augmented reality technology means you can pick any real location, create a brawler and then battle it out against a friend to take control of their own fighter. Build up an army of downright unhinged characters and rule your own streets. 

Play it if you like: Creating and sharing unforgettable combatants and fighting styles – and then dealing out knuckled justice wherever you choose.

ModNation Racers: Road Trip

What is it? Fun-fuelled racing that’s impossible to put the brakes on.

Why it’ll shine: As well as jostling among high-powered racing karts, you’ll be able to design your own ingenious tracks with a few swishes of your finger. The rear touch pad also lets you manipulate terrain to create plunging straights and swooping bends.

Play it if you like: Racing powered as much by creativity as speed.

Little Deviants

What is it? A gaggle of crazy mini-games which will help you save the Little Deviants from the evil Botz.

Why it’ll shine: If the alien world of Whoman looks strangely familiar, that’s because the rear camera of PS Vita lets you play among your own, real-world surroundings.

Play it if you like: Fiendish challenges that get even better the more you play, thanks to special gifts via the Near location service and challenges against friends.

Unit 13

What is it? Your call-up papers to join the toughest military unit on the planet.

Why it’ll shine: It’s the first shooter on PS Vita to use the system’s dual analog sticks. It’s just as well, since missions and war zones inspired by real-life headlines demand precision under extreme pressure.

Play it if you like: Thinking on your feet and adapting to ever changing objectives and threats.

Escape Plan

What is it? A surreal tale of survival that’ll test your mental dexterity.

Why it’ll shine: Hapless heroes Lil and Laarg are instantly loveable, and you’ll want to guide them through a labyrinth of deadly puzzles to save them from a messy end. The rear touch pad lets you dodge booby traps, solve brain-teasers and move objects around.

Play it if you like: Offbeat treats for your mind, stuffed with cartoon charm and thoughtful problem solving.

Everybody’s Golf

What is it? Intuitive, vibrant golfing action on some of the most colourful yet challenging courses ever devised.

Why it’ll shine: Outrageous holes-in-one, breathtaking birdies and extravagant eagles become par for the course courtesy of a dynamic new shot system and pinpoint touchscreen controls.

Play it if you like: Surging to the fore of massive 30-player tournaments via PlayStation Network.

MotorStorm RC

What is it? Off-road racing on a whole new scale.

Why it’ll shine: You’ll battle it out in extreme racing environments, using fast and agile radio-controlled vehicles. Even better, you can duke it out against PS3 gamers using cross-platform play, giving you more chances to settle rivalries against players from around the globe.

Play it if you like: Riotous, arcade-style racing that’s at home on both PS Vita and PS3.

Hustle Kings

What is it? Your shot at pool hall fame, wherever you are.

Why it’ll shine: Touchscreen and rear touch pad controls give your shots laser-focused precision. Top spin, swerve and perfectly weighted shots are simple to achieve with your fingertips, coming in handy when you challenge rivals over PlayStation Network.

Play it if you like: Working the angles to sink impossible shots with real style.

Top Darts

What is it? The dartboard you can take with you wherever you go.

Why it’ll shine: With nine classic darts games, a selection of traditional and bizarre dartboard designs and the ability to challenge up to seven players to take part in turn-based matches, the only things missing are chunky gold jewellery and an outsized nylon shirt.

Play it if you like: Stepping up to the oche and throwing arrows with confidence.

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