World’s biggest NES controller and other giant tech in video

The world’s largest video controller has been unveiled at London’s Liverpool Street Station. The controller is an exact replica of an old NES joypad, scaled up 30 times in each dimension. Hit play on our video to see the massive pad in gigantic action.

The working humungopad, which is 4m long and weighs 120kg, was created by British engineering student Ben Allen and collaborators from Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. It takes two people to play with and has to be transported in a lorry.

“We built the controller to celebrate the 105th anniversary of our student association,” Allen told us. “We’re all electrical engineering students, and every five years we like to do something crazy.

“The actual build took around four weeks. There were plenty of sleepless nights, especially before the big reveal. I fell asleep under the controller for about half an hour at one point. It’s not necessarily hard, it’s just a lot of work. You need to saw the MDF, you need to paint it, you need to get the circuitry organised, and then bring it all together.”

We went to chat to the team behind the controller and play some epic-scale Super Mario Bros. We’ve also scoured the Internet for more gargantuan gizmos, including the world’s largest mobile phone and the world’s biggest electric guitar. And because we were hungry, we also put in the world’s biggest cake, a monstrous 12-tonne, 50-metre long dessert made for the president of Azerbaijan’s 50th birthday. See it and much more by clicking play on the video.

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