Slim PS3 news: Trophy Cabinet: Dead Space 2

Escape the horrors of The Sprawl with a platinum trophy courtesy of this advice from the PlayStation Community.

Dead Space 2 on PlayStation 3 is the terrifying tale of unfortunate engineer Isaac Clarke’s escape from a huge, doomed space station. His bad luck strikes again when he wakes from a coma to find nearby corridors and living quarters streaked with blood, and the entire facility crawling with his nemeses from the original Dead Space – the Necromorphs.

Thanks to bouts of dementia, conspiring politicians and the blood-curdling aliens themselves, Clarke’s traumatic escape attempt makes for one of the toughest platinum trophy hunts around. Yet when you, the PlayStation Community, were called upon to provide expert knowledge, you offered plenty of helpful hints.

Next month, head over to and tell us about your platinum pursuit in Uncharted: Golden Abyss on PlayStation Vita. In the meantime, charge your plasma cutter for the fight of your life.

“Dead Space 2’s platinum trophy is one to be proud of. That trophy separated the men-Isaacs from the boy-Isaacs and brought a touch of what draws people to the insanely difficult Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. Namely, that failure has consequences beyond just replaying the last minute or so. It was perfect for a survival horror game because without consequence there is no fear of death to lend weight to the survival aspect.” (InfiniteStates, UK)

“A tip I have for gamers who want to get the platinum trophy is to start on Hard mode, unlock Zealot mode – which is very tricky – and then go through Hard Core mode, the toughest setting there is. The easier challenge levels are better for playing through once you’ve upgraded everything and just want fun. Dead Space 2 is one of the only examples of my re-starting a game the very second I beat it. It’s incredibly fun and one of my all-time favourites.” (CaptainCortez, UK)

“The single hardest trophy in the game comes from completing Hard Core mode because you can only save your progress three times, which makes choosing when to do so crucial. I saved at Chapters 4, 9 and 13, each before truly tough sections of the game, when I died often. It’s mainly the middle stint of the campaign that’s the hardest. From Chapter 13 onwards you can almost sprint past enemies.” (Ceron, UK)

“I thought the Javelin gun was really cool, there is nothing better than hitting an enemy then seeing him fly through the room and sticking to the wall for the Going for Distance trophy. Eventually an electrical bolt discharges, which makes the enemy and any nearby friends ignite. Intense, but also fun – especially after some of the nerve-racking parts of the game.” (kevin_1606, Netherlands)

“If you get too spooked out as you play through Dead Space 2, a very good tip is to play without sound.” (FoxMustDie, Portugal)

“It is actually quite difficult to get the platinum trophy as you have to play through the whole game in Hard Core mode with only three save points. Videos on the internet helped me as I had real problems with this trophy. Personally, I liked the difficulty of the game, it was a genuinely rewarding challenge.” (JusTaEpicFAIL, Germany)

“The Javelin gun is the most useful weapon in the game, and you can upgrade it from Chapter 2 for better results. Concentrate your upgrade nodes on its alternative firing mode, which lets you electrocute groups of enemies and wall guardians with ease.” (Black72Rat, Russia)

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