Slim PS3 news: Cross-platform features on PS Vita explained

Find out how you can connect with friends on PlayStation 3, challenge them to games and share loads of great content on your PlayStation Vita.

From racing through futuristic streets in WipEout to sharing your creations in ModNation Racers, PS Vita allows you to enhance your gaming experience by connecting to friends on PS3.

Cross-Play (simultaneous)

One of the most exciting and anticipated features of PS Vita is the ability to play live against your friends on PlayStation 3. The competition heats up in WipEout 2048, as you take on up to seven of your PlayStation Network friends, whether they’re playing on PS Vita or PS3. You’ll be on the same track, in the same race, at the same time.

Cross-Play (turn-based)

You can also challenge your PSN friends while they’re offline, in turn-based games such as Hustle Kings and Top Darts. Begin a game with a friend and, once you take your turn, they’ll receive a notification so they know it’s their go. They can make their move whenever they have time.

You’ll also get notifications if someone beats your lap time or completes a challenge in MotorStorm RC so you can try and better their score. This type of Cross-Play connectivity means that you can play on your own schedule while enjoying competitive gaming with friends.


If you own a PS Vita and a PlayStation 3 system, don’t feel like you’re restricted to playing on one or the other. Games such as Top Darts and MotorStorm RC allow you to continue your progress when you switch to another system. Just make sure you’re signed in to PlayStation Network and you’ll never miss a moment of the action.


If you own ModNation Racers: Road Trip, you can download Mods, tracks and karts that have been designed by the ModNation Racers community on PS3. With so many fantastic creations made on PlayStation 3 games, it would be a shame not to share them with PS Vita users.


Several PS Vita titles are available to download from PlayStation Store to your PlayStation 3 and, thanks to Cross-Buy, you’ll only have to pay once to receive both versions of certain games. Hustle Kings, Top Darts and MotorStorm RC are just three titles that you can enjoy on both your PS3 and PS Vita systems if you pay for one version. If you’ve already bought PS3 versions of Hustle Kings and Top Darts, you’ll be able to download their PS Vita version for free, thanks to Cross-Buy.

A new way to play

This incredible range of cross-platform features allows you to play live games against friends on PS3, access content created by other users and will completely transform the way you play. Make sure you make the most of this innovative new experience on PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. is updated regularly every day with the latest Free Slim PS3 news and hardware reviews.


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