Slim PS3 news: Discover Cross-Goods in ModNation Racers

San Diego Studios producer Brandon Akiaten explains how you can share content between PS Vita and PlayStation 3.

When ModNation Racers launched on PlayStation 3 and PSP in May 2010, a community of creators was born. Amazing tools gave users the opportunity to design unique tracks, karts and Mods that they could share with the world vita PlayStation Network.

Now the latest title in the series – ModNation Racers: Road Trip – has launched on PS Vita, and San Diego Studios producer Brandon Akiaten tells us how PS Vita players can access the fantastic content created on PS3 and how this will enhance their experience.

“We wanted to ensure that all of the amazing creations from the ModNation Racers community would be accessible,” explains Akiaten. “While as developers we’re proud of the tracks we created, we know that the real creativity and variety in creations comes from the ModNation Racers community.”

As well as ¬†allowing PS Vita users to access the masterpieces created by the PS3 ModNation Racers community, the team also felt that it was important for users to enjoy them on the move. “We wanted to make sure that ModNation Racers fans were no longer tied to their living rooms and could take their creations and race experiences wherever they went in their daily lives,” says Akiaten.

With such a creative community already formed and an endless string of possibilities to explore, it would have been a great shame not to share everything that ModNation Racers fans had spent so long perfecting on PS3 with newcomers to the series. “Cross-Goods gives all ModNation players who buy our game for PS Vita full access to all PS3 creations,” says Akiaten. “This means not only will they have all of the content on their PS Vita to play with, but they will also have over 2 million creations made on PS3 ready for the taking from day one.”

An impressive selection of tracks, Mods and karts should serve as ample inspiration for PS Vita users to start designing their own pieces with the huge number of customisation tools at their disposal, including the system’s touchscreen, rear touch pad and rear camera.

However, for those who just want to jump straight in, Akiaten thinks there’ll be plenty of stuff to keep everyone entertained for some time. “Within the creations there are close to 500,000 user generated tracks to race on. In other words, you can play 50 new tracks each day for the next 27 years and still not see all of the existing content, let alone what will be created on ModNation Racers: Road Trip.”

You can pick up ModNation Racers in shops or download it straight to your PS Vita from PlayStation Store now. Rev your engines and let the crazy races begin.

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