Gamercize helps trim the fat

You’re never going to lose weight while bumbling about in your living room with the Wii Fit (or Slim PS3 for that matter), but perhaps the optimist in you hopes otherwise. Gamercize hopes to combat this problem by allowing you to experience exercise-based gaming in a new manner, where trading in your Wii Fit discs allows you to enjoy a mail-in rebate worth up to $150, alongside a free three month virtual gym membership of their GZ Personal Trainer programme – can’t be bad!

Patented Gamercize interaction is non-intrusive as it allows normal game play while working out on a range of fitness machines, pausing the player from the game if they stop. The minimal interaction allows players to have their mind in the game while their body is in the workout. Gamercize works with every sedentary game, ensuring that it never gets boring. In tests it has been proven six times more engaging than exercise alternatives and four times more energetic than Wii. The GZ Personal Trainer software included in this offer is accessed via the internet or 3G mobile phone. The membership software provides a link to real fitness professionals who help motivate while tracking your calorie burn and progress against key health indicators towards your goals.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get fit on your console!

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