Slim PS3 news: Weekend Essentials – Issue 9

Begin 2010 with an early play of massive online shooter MAG, a brilliant blast of Bayonetta and some dark drama in Darksiders.

Being bad never felt so good

Action adventure reaches magical new heights with Sega’s Bayonetta, which transports you to a world where you can perform extraordinary acrobatics with ease. Take control of the graceful and powerful Bayonetta, last survivor of an ancient witch clan keeping the balance between light, dark and chaos.

MAG opens its doors

Massive online multiplayer shooter MAG invites you to test its bullet-laden stomping grounds before its release on PlayStation 3 in January 2010. An open beta is now available to play until 10 January 2010, where you can get blasting in the 64-player Sabotage and 256-player Domination modes.

Fire yourself into the revolutionary experience of MAG early with the beta on PlayStation Store – and keep reading and for some more exciting MAG news as its January 2010 release date draws ever closer.

Your last days await

Take the role of War, one of the four legendary Horsemen of the Apocalypse, in the rip-roaring action adventure of Darksiders where an epic conflict between Heaven and Hell has prematurely caused the end of the world. As the warring first Horseman, you have been accused of inciting this catastrophic incident and now you must find out who is truly responsible. Can you survive the Hell-destroyed wasteland of Darksiders?

As a taster to this dark fantasy romp, why not take part in the Darksiders Competition where you can win a limited edition PlayStation 3 featuring artwork from the game’s creative director and popular comic book artist, Joe Madureira? Head over to and get involved.

You can still be a winner

Fancy your luck in the early days of 2010? Then why not try your hand at the popular Digital Comics competition at which still has a few weeks left before closing. If your comic book knowledge is up to scratch you can win a PSPgo and other great prizes – why not start 2010 with a brand new PSP?

What’s your obsession confession?

Find out what has the PlayStation community buzzing with excitement – Obsession Confessions is a feature that gives you the chance to reveal which games you’ve spent ages plugging away at until the small hours. Check it out and see what the community in the official PlayStation Forums voted as the most time-absorbing PlayStation Network titles they’ve played – maybe yours is sitting proudly at the top?

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