Slim PS3 news: Obsession Confessions: delicious downloads

Discover which PlayStation Network games have most impressed the PlayStation community.

After two weeks of discussion over which games have proved the most addictive, the official PlayStation Forum regulars moved onto the next Obssession Confessions topic – their favourite PlayStation Store downloads. Here are their picks in order of popularity, with quotes from contributors across Europe.

1. Flower

“Flower is not just a game: it’s a story. The story of flowers telling their dreams in a universe of beauty and enchanting melodies. With exceptional SIXAXIS handling, it transports you to an adventure with no equal.” (aat08, France)

2. WipEout HD

“It has to be one of the most breathtaking games – it looks amazing in full HD and for the price it’s one heck of a bargain. Nothing out there can beat it for pure enjoyment. The visuals should be the benchmark for any game.” (Chris_D, UK)

3. Burnout Paradise

“Challenge your limits with stunning speed!” (fashion23gta, Portugal)

4. Fat Princess

“It’s a cool game… I liked it!” (TUHTA_1994, Russia)

5. Battlefield 1943

“Epic battles in Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal or the Wake Island; team game, tanks, jeeps, boats, planes, bombers and destruction. There’s nowhere for the enemy to hide!” (tabunet, Spain)

6. Warhawk

“Warhawk was number one when I bought my PS3. It’s a great game which everyone should play at least once. It may not be realistic but it’s loads of fun… I’ve spent many hours playing and they were all worth it.” (patrick1991groot, Netherlands)

7. Metal Gear Solid

“Simply because it is THE PS one Classic game par excellence and shouldn’t be missed. Since it is now available from PlayStation Store, it is a must-have.” (gamer4online, Germany)

8. Trine

“This game’s beauty, playability and originality make it one of the most attractive of the last year.” (elmosca, Spain)

9. Zen Pinball

“The file size makes it easy to download and it’s a well made game. It takes you back to the past when we used to play real pinball, and everybody in my house likes it.” (AlexTheStampede, Italy)

10. Bomberman Ultra

“There are many delicious downloads in PlayStation Store and, like in life, one candy is never enough. The one that nobody appreciates is Bomberman Ultra. That game is great and provides a lot of laughter.” (rabsonek, Poland)


Thanks to everyone that participated in the discussion. There will be more Obsession Confessions threads in the coming weeks; in the meantime, join the hundreds of conversations happening right now at the official PlayStation Forums. is updated regularly every day with the latest Free Slim PS3 news and reviews.

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