Slim PS3 news: Half-time in the FIFA Interactive World Cup

There are still Grand Final places up for grabs as the FIWC moves into its second phase.

It’s a very happy New Year indeed for 10 FIFA 10 players – they’ve secured their places in Barcelona in May 2010 for the FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final, via the online leaderboard.

More than 400,000 players fought online for those precious positions and competition is set to get fiercer as the second online qualification phase begins and 11 more Grand Final berths are up for grabs. The leaderboard has been wiped clean so start your copy of FIFA 10 on PlayStation 3, head to the FIFA Interactive World Cup menu and register in-game for your chance at virtual football glory.

The overall winner will follow in the footsteps of reigning champion, Bruce Grannec of France, in collecting a cheque for 20,000 USD at the Grand Final in Barcelona’s Port Olympic, May 2010. They will also get the chance to stand alongside football glitterati and collect their trophy at the 2010 FIFA World Player Gala.

It’s a prize that money can’t buy and only the nimblest thumbs and the most agile tactical minds will earn a trip to Barcelona.

Online qualification isn’t the only way to get there: an additional nine Grand Final spots can be won at live qualifier events in major cities around the world. Check for the latest details of when these events are happening in your country.

In the meantime, start up FIFA 10 and begin your online qualification campaign. With 10 of the best players already through to the Grand Final, this is the best chance yet to book your place among the elite of virtual footballers.

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