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Danish developer, IO Interactive has admitted to TVG that it was “hurt” by some of the feedback it received from the original Kane & Lynch, although the studio appears to be coming out fighting in the series sequel, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days.

During a recent first look at the sequel (read our impressions through here), we were impressed by a marked improvement in the destructible environments and gunplay in Kane & Lynch 2, which is a point that we put to the game’s Producer, Mads Prahm.

“We got a lot of comments on that in the first Kane & Lynch game and that was really a blow to the studio; it was a blow to our self-esteem,” he said.

“Things like the cover system and the gunplay are things that we were criticised for in the first game. That’s something we’ve worked a lot with,” Prahm continued. “We’ve tried to make the weapons very different but also work with what people expect from the accuracy of a weapon, camera shake, recoil, and all of those things. It’s a lot of different factors that play together to give you a good feeling of a weapon and that’s something we’ve spent a lot of time on.”

We also asked Prahm about the AI, which was a touch lacklustre in the 2007 original but appears to have come a long way in Dog Days:

“That was one of the things that got criticised in the first game and I think that we at IO feel that we’re actually quite good at doing AI, so again that hurt our self-esteem quite a bit, so we really wanted to get back at this and do aggressive, combat AI. Not the Hitman, smart, stealth AI but aggressive flanking AI and I think we’ve really achieved that.”

If our initial impressions are anything to go by, then we think they might just be right. Stay tuned for our full Q&A with Mads Prahm, which is scheduled to go live on TVG early next week.

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