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Latest PS3 news:

Heavy Rain and Just Cause 2 bring some exclusive fun and games to your PlayStation 3 screens this weekend.

Hunt in the rain

PlayStation 3 action thriller Heavy Rain is set to immerse you in a murky world of crime and mystery, and now you have the chance to dip in before its February release with the launch of and the Four Days Challenge.

By registering at  you can enter the Four Days Challenge, which tests your ability to analyse documents for clues, delve into the mind of the potential Origami Killer and uncover surprises that will tantalise you in the run-up to Heavy Rain’s launch. The first email from the Four Days Challenge starts on 26 January 2010, so keep checking your inbox…

Start your journey into the intense world of Heavy Rain now by heading over to

Capture your best Just Cause 2 moments exclusively with PlayStation

Ever wanted to show off some of your more spectacular videogame stunts? Just Cause 2 – an open world action adventure by Square Enix London Studios – will give you that chance when it launches on 23 March 2010, thanks to a built-in video capture feature.

Exclusive to the PlayStation 3 version of Just Cause 2, you’ll be able to use the video capture feature to record your favourite moments from the game and upload them directly to video sharing website, YouTube. With up to ten minutes of possible recording time, you’ll be able to create in-game mission walkthroughs, speed-run competitions and more, with the greatest videos linked from so you can vote on your favourites. Prizes will even be awarded to the best ones.

So from 23 March 2010 you’ll be able to show off your best BASE jump, capture the moment where you parachuted off a cliff onto a passing jetfighter before crashing it into an oil rig, or any other mad stunt you may concoct.

Whatever it is, you can save, upload it and publish it for the world to see in Just Cause 2.Have you raced ahead of the pack?

Have you raced ahead of the pack?

Were you fast enough to be among the lucky few who got into the free ModNation Racers Public Beta Trial? The Trial launched on 22 January 2010, and ends on 14 February 2010, with only 100,000 slots getting the chance to play the fun filled karting game early.

Don’t worry if you missed out – there will be other beta trials for many exciting PlayStation 3 titles within 2010, so keep checking for information as it comes to make sure you’re up to date on the latest opportunities.

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