PS3 news: FIFA 10 Ultimate Team is coming

The downloadable mode for FIFA 10 makes its return for the new season with more players and enhanced features.

Fans of Ultimate Team will be pleased to hear that a new instalment for FIFA 10 is coming soon to PlayStation Store. FIFA 10 Ultimate Team boasts 7,000 players from 27 leagues, a refined tournament system and a series of improvements aimed at making the game more authentic.

If you missed it last time around, Ultimate Team is all about collecting packs of in-game trading cards and using them to create your ultimate fantasy football team. You’ll have to manage contracts, deal with injuries and work on tactics, and then take your squad onto the pitch in online and offline tournaments.

Card packs can be purchased using in-game coins, earned by winning matches, and from PlayStation Store, and come in bronze, silver and gold varieties.

In FIFA 10 Ultimate Team, the Team Chemistry system, which rewards you for using players in their preferred positions and playing them alongside their compatriots, has been overhauled. Now, Team Chemistry will be boosted if you use players from the same division or club in similar areas of the pitch. This will be more important than ever as you can now build multiple squads, based around different criteria.

Tournaments have been enhanced, so you can now earn more coins by reaching the latter stages of some competitions. The development team has also promised weekly Featured Tournaments that are only available for a limited time and have higher coin rewards.

FIFA 10 Ultimate Team is coming to PlayStation Store in February 2010. You need a copy of FIFA 10 on PlayStation 3 to use it and you can play a five-match free trial before you purchase. is updated regularly each day with the latest Free PlayStation 3 news and reviews.

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