Mistwalker’s Mystery RPG Is The Last Story News – Console news

Hironobu Sakaguchi’s next masterpiece has been shrouded in obscurity and even the occasional cryptic tease over the last few months, but now Nintendo has put a name to Mistwalker’s mystery game.

“We are working with Mistwalker in order to seek a new form of RPG by choosing the universal theme of human emotion,” said Nintendo’s President, Satoru Iwata in a financial report. “Another full-scaled RPG, The Last Story, is planned to come out in 2010 for Wii.”

So, it’s called The Last Story, it’s a Wii exclusive, and it’s due this year.

A new website for the game has also been launched, revealing little more than a logo, although Sakaguchi-san has previously indicated that the game will be fully revealed around spring time. More as we get it…

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