Slim PS3 news: No DLC for Final Fantasy XIII?

The latest PS3 news: File under rumor: Final Fantasy XIII (FFXIII) may be a complete retail package, with no DLC.
The Final Fantasy team has said it has no plans to release downloadable content (DLC) for FFXIII. One of the reasons cited? It would delay production… that’s a great answer, really.
Yoshinori Kitase, producer on FFXIII, has said while there are now plans to release DLC for the epic role-playing game, his team has sad that their framework would support it. So they “could” release new content for FFXIII, if they chose.
Being technically able to do something is very different than planning it. DLC is a touchy subject, we all like to have more of our favorite games, but we also don’t want to feel like we are being nickled and dimed for content that should have been included on the disc.

In a way I find this refreshing. With Madden including ads, and Dragon Age having DLC available out of the box, I have to wonder, since when is $60 just an entrance fee to a property? When I buy a film, I expect to get the whole film, the same for a game. Expanding the universe later is one thing, something I’m willing to pay for. But plotting DLC from day one makes me ask, “why wasn’t this on the disc?” It almost feels like we are being charged stand-alone game rates for episodic content.
So kudos to you Square-Enix. You are keeping the DLC door open, but doing what you should be, creating an excellent game. I’m sure Final Fantasy XIII will be so popular that it would be too profitable not to create additional content for the game. And that’s what players ultimately expect from DLC, additional content created by demand, not content you withheld from the original game to charge us for later.
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