Mass Effect 2 release day – thoughts so far?

Sci-fi RPG out today

Yes, I’ve been banging on about Mass Effect 2 quite a lot recently but it really is a very special game. Narrative, characterisation, combat, gorgeous synth soundtrack – Mass Effect 2 is a masterpiece. Ok, a masterpiece with annoying loading times and the occasional graphical glitch but a classic all the same. The sci-fi RPG is finally released today (in Europe) and who knows? It may even knock Just Dance off the top of the charts next week.

If romping with aliens and commanding starships isn’t your thing then you may be out of luck if you fancy buying a new release today. That is unless you like the sound of a new PC title called er, Forklift Truck Simulator 2009. Assuming then that you are a 360 or PC owner and would rather spend your gaming time giving orders in the Normandy rather than shifting boxes in a warehouse are you planning to get Mass Effect 2 today? Or waiting until the price comes down? Or actually, just not interested.

Those that are getting this weekend make sure you post your impressions below – spoiler free, of course.


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