PS3 news: Bioware Has “A Few” PS3 Titles In Development

According to Bioware’s Ray Muzyka, the company had such a good experience making Dragon Age: Origins for the PlayStation 3 that they have more in store for the system.

“We’ve got a few titles in development for PS3 right now,” Muzyka said in an interview with Eurogamers, “As well as a few for 360, across the studios I manage.”

I’m sure you’re wondering what he’s talking about… could this be a PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect or Mass Effect 2?  Or are we talking about something completely new and awesome? It is too early to tell at this time.

“I won’t say what they are, since not all of them have been announced yet,” Muzyka said.

One game that Muzyka did mention by name: Mass Effect 3.

“We haven’t formally announced Mass Effect 3 yet (though I can say that the team is working on the next installment in the trilogy now).”

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