Live gets switched off on original Xbox – nostalgia time

What are your best memories of pre-360 Xbox gaming?

The news that Microsoft are shutting down Live services for the original Xbox is not a major surprise. After all, the 360 has been on the market for nearly 5 years now and you have to wonder how much impact this decision will have. The additional news that Live support for any Xbox titles released as downloads for the 360 (Originals) will also be switched off could be more annoying, especially if you have only bought one of the games recently. But seeing as it is Friday let’s look at the positives and remember when Xbox Live was altogether more frugal – no gamerscore or achievements back then – experience.

So, what are you favourite memories from online play and Live on the original Xbox? Probably Halo-related right? Me too, although one of my best is long forgotten England International Football. Yes, it was a poor footy game but it had online co-op (the first football game on Live to have this) which made for some cracking sessions with friends. Yes, clearly standards were lower back then. Anyway – what are you favorite Live memories on the original Xbox?



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