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The first music based social network game was released last week, known as Hit or Not, where it was available only to Facebook users initially. As for Myspace and iPhone users, you will just have to wait until their respective versions are completed and released by the developer. Just a quick question – what type of games do you play on your Facebook, or do you use it purely to keep in touch with family and friends from afar in a more serious, solemn manner?

Following the recent phenomenal rise in popularity of social network games such as Farmville, Hit or Not allows players to become virtual music moguls. By listening to and ranking songs, players accumulate virtual cash they can use to “sign” and bribe artists and various other nefarious music biz activities. If the songs “signed” by the player rise on the Hit or Not charts, that player can “sell” those songs to make a (virtual) profit. The Hit or Not stock exchange is one financial institution that can never go bust, only perpetually up and down! iTunes compatible MP3 downloads of all the songs are for sale for real money wherever the songs are displayed and roughly 80 percent of the retail price goes straight to the artist.

It is interesting to note that the entire catalogue of music on the Hit or Not system is from the 10,000+ independent artists using theBizmo microstore widget. According to UGC, their artists are part of the company, and wants to keep users involved in tandem with the bands’ love for participation. The game has worked pretty well so far in the first week along, boasting dramatically increased exposure and more than triple the revenues to date.

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