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Stardock has heard the clarion call of its fans, and have taken the positive step of unleashing the complete Sins of a Solar Empire experience in the form of Sins of a Solar Empire – Trinity. As you can tell, Trinity is a word that is normally associated with the number 3, and will see this bundle include the original award-winning real-time strategy PC title from Ironclad Games alongside the two game-changing micro-expansions, Entrenchment and Diplomacy. Sins of a Solar Empire – Trinity will be available in retail stores across North America as well as through the digital download channel Impulse – regardless of which version you choose, it will still cost you $39.95 a pop.

In the year of its release, Sins of a Solar Empire was awarded dozens of Real-Time Strategy Game of the Year accolades as well as the overall PC Game of the Year award from The game provides a seamless transition between epic strategy and tactical combat modes, a galaxy of intriguing aliens, powerful starships, and colossal planets that come to life with stunning 3D graphics, unparalleled sense of scale, and a cinematic musical score. Explore and conquer nearby planets as one of three factions: the Vasari, the TEC or the Advent and play for domination of the galaxy. Players will explore distant solar systems by applying brute force, cunning strategy, elegant diplomacy, economic mastery, and researched technology. Launching alongside Trinity and completing the Sins of a Solar Empire experience is Diplomacy. Diplomacy is the second and final micro-expansion for fans that already have the original game. In addition to adding 30+ new technologies to research and a faction “status” that allows parties to see what other factions think of them, Diplomacy also adds a new envoy cruiser that can transport peace-seeking parties to negotiate a truce, trade pacts or treaties which can change the entire balance of any given game.

If you’re into politicking at home and at the office, then this seems to be your cup of tea, as it will take a pretty cunning mind to be able to check out just how well your conniving spirit is able to work in the virtual world.

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