Heavy Rain To Utilise Motion Controller? News

David Cage, the Co-founder of Quantic Dream and Director of Heavy Rain, has hinted that the game may still be compatible with the PS3 Motion Controller despite the fact that it will launch next week, many months ahead of the anticipated release of Sony’s peripheral.

“The very first version of the game design was based on motion control, but it was not feasible at the time. But all the controls of the final version of Heavy Rain are still based on motion,” Cage told Dagbladet (translated by MTV Multiplayer).

“I have a lot of interest in Sony’s motion device and there is a good chance that we announce something about it in the coming weeks,” he continued.

Cage is clearly indicating that the Motion Controller could be backwards compatible with Heavy Rain when the peripheral is eventually released. Whatever the case, we’ll bring more on this story as and when Cage decides to announce further details…

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