GestureTek video-gesture-control software

GestureTek has a brand new video-gesture-control software that will target interactive displays, games and entertainment, where it is currently in action in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada during the current Winter Olympics. Among the other organizations who have picked up this unique software would be Ontario House and Netgenetix. Dubbed the Cube, GestureTek’s turnkey portable, plug and play interactive display system is perfect for exhibits and trade shows, as it offers an unprecedented engaging experience of motion-responsive interaction. For the next 17 days, the Cube will project custom Ontario-branded interactive multi-media games and animation effects onto Ontario House’s floor for the enjoyment of passers-by.

GestureTek’s GroundFX visual display system was installed at the Vancouver Art Gallery in an engaging gesture-controlled interactive floor. Custom multi-media effects imitate a salmon-filled British Columbia river. The installation is part of an immersive video gallery to showcase the forestry and fisheries industries and promote environmental sustainability. Multi-media design firm Netgenetix turned to GestureTek to create three Illuminate interactive surface computing display systems as part of the “Living Rainforest” exhibit. Visitors can touch any one of the “hotspots” on the display screen to access entertaining and informative multi-media content on the initiatives of notable environmental companies.

Guess grabbing the attention of ordinary folks at tradeshows is getting more and more competitive, since booth babes aren’t the only factors to consider these days. This move by GestureTek certainly goes some way in pushing the industry forward, and we wonder whether we can check out such booths in the near future at other trade shows, including CES 2011.

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