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Folks who live on the other side of the pond (we’re talking about being in the UK) will definitely have heard of the globally acclaimed British sketch comedy sensations, The Mighty Boosh. Well, The Mighty Boosh and Tribal Games have come together with the latter being a mobile games developer, having worked on a new game known as The Mighty Decider. This new app is capable of delivering what this indecisive world has been waiting for – a life management tool which is capable of helping one in the decision making process while offering hour after hour of entertainment for any social network.

Boosh fans across the globe will revel in the fact they can turn to the quirky and surreal Boosh universe at a moment’s notice to assist in their life choices. Just as compelling for those not yet familiar with the Boosh, The Mighty Decider is the perfect introduction to the inventive and fantastical act of nature known as The Mighty Boosh. The Mighty Decider is now available worldwide from the App store for the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. To download The Mighty Decider, go to

We sure as heck hope that government leaders won’t do anything silly like making decision on going to war using The Mighty Decider as much as they would like to. Celebrities themselves can now reach out to the “Crack Fox” and “Flip a Coin” to decide which scripts to accept, while couples and admirers can participate in a little bit of “Spin the Bottle” with a special love potion hand-mixed by “Bob Fossil”. As for the ordinary Joe on the street, he can head on to “Naboo The Enigma” and have him read his fortune.

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