PS3 news: Weekend Essentials – Issue 22

Latest PS3 news:

Solve murders and save the seas in this week’s PS3 releases.

More murder afoot

Just when you thought Little Riddle was safe, Episodes 4, 5 and 6 of Blue Toad Murder Files are available to download to PlayStation 3 from PlayStation Store. Get to the bottom of the cases in the sleepy village with the shocking crime rate with these three new episodes that can be downloaded individually or all together in a bundle.

Colourful underwater puzzle game Aqua Panic HD also splashes onto PlayStation Store for PS3 this week. A giant hurricane has scattered thousands of fish across the planet and it’s your job to guide them back to their natural habitats while sharks, seagulls and other hungry predators try to munch them up.

Think of it as Lemmings under the sea – you have more than ten tools to help you direct and protect your little swimmers, such as plants, harpoons and fans.

Hustle Kings brings a drier kind of pool to PS3 and the Basement Crazy Table Pack adds outlandish new tables to the cue sports simulator. In LittleBigPlanet for PS3, you can now dress your Sackperson as The Incredibles – four costumes from the hit Pixar film are available for download along with The Incredibles level kit, featuring some super building materials.

New on PSP

On PSP this week, you can download Aqua Panic – the portable version of the aquatic puzzler previously mentioned – and restore the oceans wherever you are. Just remember that using your PSP underwater may invalidate its warranty!

Also available this week is Freekscape: Escape from Hell – you can pick it up from the minis category on PlayStation Store and play it on either PS3 or PSP. Developed in Brazil by Kidguru Studios, it’s a 3D side-scrolling platformer that follows a cute demon with a magic trident as he tries to escape the underworld.

For even more fantastical creatures, pick up the Protector Pack for THE EYE OF JUDGMENT LEGENDS and add five sought after digital cards to your collection in the card-based role playing game on PSP.

Don’t forget that there are still plenty of special offers to be had on PSP games from PlayStation Store. Head over now and save some money on the very best portable titles.

Creative space

Here at there’s a Gravity Crash Creator Competition in which you can win a PSPgo by building imaginative stages on the PS3 arcade shooter. Head to for more details on how to enter. For tips on how to make your levels stand out from the game’s developer, Just Add Water, check out the Play Like a Pro feature on

And as the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ draws tantalisingly close, you could be soaking up the big game atmosphere if you enter this exciting competition. At there are 13 pairs of tickets to be won over the course of seven weeks, including a pair for the final in the last week. Seven football legends have been recreated using ModNation Racers’ fun mod creation tool. Each week, you must match the head, torso and legs of a player to be in with a chance of winning this once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the greatest football tournament on the planet.

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