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Following continued dismay over its DRM policy, Ubisoft wants to let everybody know that it’s really a nice publisher, one that cares a lot about the environment.

Today the French publisher confirmed that it’s so concerned about its carbon footprint that it will be scrapping traditional paper manuals and instead offering in-game digital manuals for all of its future PS3 and Xbox 360 titles.

Ubisoft maintains the change will benefit gamers with easier and more intuitive information, resulting in a “more robust manual”.  The French publisher also highlights the ecological damage these game manuals do.  According to internalresearch, Ubisoft claims that:

“Producing one ton of paper used in Ubisoft’s game manuals consumes an average of two tons of wood from 13 trees, with a net energy of 28 million BTU’s (equivalent to average heating and energy for one home/year), greenhouse gases equivalent of over 6,000 lbs of CO2, and wastewater of almost 15,000 gallons.”

The publisher refused to reveal whether or not there’s a financial benefit to switching trees for bandwidth however.

“Ubisoft is often recognized for making great games, but it’s a special privilege to be the industry leader at saving trees,” a chuffed Laurent Detoc, president of Ubisoft North America claimed. “Eco-friendly initiatives are important to the global community and introducing in-game digital manuals on Xbox 360 and PS3 is just the latest example of Ubisoft’s ongoing commitment to being a more environmentally conscious company.”

Even Olympic Gold medalist Shaun White got into the action, claiming: “It’s pretty cool that Ubisoft is making a conscious effort to go green with its new video game packaging”.

“I’m excited for my new skateboarding game to come out and stoked that it will be the very first Ubisoft game to be part of their green packaging initiatives.”

The ultimate question, however: does anybody actually read them?

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