Slim PS3 news: Five Reasons I Will Not Purchase a Playstation 3

From the feature editorial:

"For my part, I enjoy approaching video games from a more academic point of view and as any person, gamer or otherwise, can understand each system has it’s pros and cons. There are certain things about the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii that make them absolutely excellent systems. However, on the flip side, there will consistently be flaws that either ship with a system or become glaringly apparent over a period of time as a company attempts to adapt a console to an ever-shifting marketplace. Being a proud owner of a 360, a Wii and at one time a Playstation 3, my hope will is that my reasoning will become clear over the course of this piece. Additionally, it should be taken into consideration that I do still own my Playstation 2 and have a huge collection of games for it and it’s previous console. But at the end of the day, there were just a few decisions on Sony’s part that honestly didn’t make me feel comfortable owning their ‘latest and greatest’ console anymore, and out of that came the top 5 reasons I will not own a Playstation 3." Slim PS3 is updated regularly every day with the very latest Free PlayStation 3 news and games reviews.

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