PlayStation news: Experience 3D with PlayStation Network

Get a taste of some PlayStation 3 classics in mind boggling 3D on PlayStation Network with the 3D Collection download pack.

The 3D TV revolution is here and you can take advantage of it with the 3D Collection. Available in June 2010 exclusively from PlayStation Store, you can enjoy the delights of PAIN, Super Stardust HD, WipEout HD and a demo of MotorStorm Pacific Rift, all in 3D to bring a whole new dimension to their gameplay – just make sure you have a 3D TV to experience it.

PAIN includes the downtown area and tutorial levels, PAIN Speed Oocher bonus pack, PAIN Alien Toss and PAIN Ice Blocks, a brand new mode created just for 3D. WipEout HD and Super Stardust HD are the full versions of the game in 3D, and the MotorStorm Pacific Rift demo is a special 3D remake of the Kanaloa Bay track against rival drivers.

You’ve never played these games like this before – so be the envy of your friends everywhere and jump into the wonderful world of 3D with the 3D Collection download pack. And if you’re lucky enough to own these games already then make sure you download the free patch from PlayStation Store to take full advantage of the 3D revolution. is updated several times each day with the latest Slim PS3 news and reviews.

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