PS3 news: Weekend Essentials – Issue 37

Get used to some Dog Days, experience a change of gravity and get your hands on some marvellous downloads this weekend…

A Marvel to behold

Marvel Comics has teamed up once more with PlayStation 3 platform title LittleBigPlanet for another batch of costumes that can make your Sackboy a true hero. Marvel Costume Kit 2 gives you the chance to make Sackboy look like five legendary Marvel characters: Thor, Spider-Man, Elektra, Ghost Rider and Human Torch. Flame on!

Give your Sackboy a heroic new look now – download Marvel Costume Kit 2 from PlayStation Store.

Every dog has its day…

The unlikely couple of Kane and Lynch have made their way back to PlayStation 3 with the gritty sequel Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days – and you can get a shot of the action in the PlayStation Store demo. Featuring documentary style visuals, this third person shooter for over 18s only is sure to get the blood pumping as you explore the dark world of two rather disturbed individuals. 

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, the Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days demo downloads automatically to your PlayStation 3 via PlayStation Store without you having to lift a finger – and days before everyone else gets the chance to play it. If you want to get ahead of the game (and everyone else) with the biggest game demos, make sure you subscribe to PlayStation Plus for all the latest titles, first.

There’s a certain gravity about this one

Want to take some classic arcade blasting with you wherever you go? Gravity Crash on PSP is sure to give you that stellar experience, all in the palm of your hand. Explore new worlds on a plane, blast through psychedelic looking enemies on the train and get that unbeatable high score on the go – it doesn’t matter where you are, Gravity Crash will take you on a fun journey.

Blast off with Gravity Crash now by downloading it from PlayStation Store.

Fight for your faction

From 22 July 2010, MAG developer Zipper Interactive will be treating fans of the game to a brand new feature. All of the maps from the Sabotage mode will be faction neutral, so if your chosen Private Military Corporation is SVER, you can take on Raven in a map that was previously owned by Valor. Simply log on to the game, select Sabotage mode and prepare for action.

It’s already set up and ready to go – what are you waiting for?

A kung fu compendium

To celebrate the cinematic release of star-studded martial arts movie, The Karate Kid, and the arrival of the classic original films on Blu-ray Disc, PlayStation Store has a stunning offer for you to enjoy. From 21 July 2010 until 4 August 2010, a variety of martial arts related games, packs and films will be discounted.

And don’t forget about PlayStation Home on PS3, where you can collect exclusive free martial arts themed avatars.

Fighting fit? Prove it – head over to PlayStation Store and enjoy some great special offers.

Name that tune

Fans of the eagerly anticipated Gran Turismo 5 now have their chance to get even closer to the heart-racing action. How? Drive your browser to and cast your eyes (and ears) over the new GT5 trailer, which features a composition by musician Daiki Kasho. All you need to do is think of a suitable title for the music that will provide the epic backdrop to thousands of action-packed racing hours. Kazunori Yamauchi, the GT series creator, will select the winner and their name will appear in the Special Thanks section of the game’s credits.

Go to before 25 July and become part of the game’s history.

The Friday Debate – This is Hardcore

After last week’s debut, The Friday Debate at PlayStation.Blog returns with a new intriguing topic for you to ponder over and discuss. This week delves into gaming labels and asks you to discuss the associations you have with being a hardcore gamer, casual gamer or something completely different. What category do you fit into?

Check out the debate and make yourself heard at

Contests of champions

You can be a winner in a variety of competitions at There’s still a chance to win a gold PSP in celebration of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in the Gold PSP Limited Edition Competition; you can take a trip through time by winning a copy of Singularity on PS3 in the Singularity Competition; and enjoy some mechanised mayhem in the Transformers Competition where you can win a Transformers figure set and a copy of Transformers: War for Cybertron on PS3.

Keep an eye on PlayStation Blog at for the latest PlayStation news as it happens.

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