PlayStation Move Ultimate Boxing Gloves for PlayStation punch-ups – Console news

It’s seconds out for motion-sensing gaming system PlayStation Move — the CTA Ultimate Boxing Gloves could have you floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee in the comfort of your own living room.

The gloves attach the PlayStation Move controllers to your hands when you play fighting games, with the Move camera translating your shadowboxing into movement by your character in the game. The gloves fasten securely to your wrists to avoid wild haymakers sending the controllers delivering a knockout blow to your expensive TV.

To our punch-drunk eyes, they’re not particularly ultimate: fingerless gloves with velcro bits rather than Punchout-style giant red fists of whup-ass. Still, we like the idea of firing up PlayStation fighting games and windmilling our arms around until someone drags us off, screaming, “Leave it — ‘e’s not wurf it!” Not to mention all the training montages…

Move arrives in the UK in September, entering the ring just ahead of Microsoft’s Kinect, and looking to leave its heavyweight rival Nintendo Wii out for the count. The pugilistic PlayStation peripherals will be available from Amazon in the US for $20 (12.50) shortly after, when they will spar with the 14 Crown PlayStation Move Boxing Glove Set already available for preorder from Amazon UK. is updated several times each day with all very latest Slim PS3 news and gaming reviews.

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