news: PS3 Outsells the 360 in the Past Year

After releasing a year after its competition, launching at $599 for the ideal SKU, and starting off with delays and shortages, there were points where analysts and gamers alike were questioning any success of the PlayStation 3 at all. Looking back and coming back to present day, it is difficult to comprehend where the PS3 has came just three years after the risky release. Now, looking towards the future, evidence from this past year show signs of Sony’s flagship home entertainment console coming out on top of the immediate competition.
Glancing at the sales numbers of the past 12 months of the PS3, it is clear the the tides have turned in Sony’s favor. Despite price drops, new SKU’s, and announcements from Microsoft, statistical analysis shows that the PS3 sold 14.3 million units in the past year compared to the 360’s 10.3 million, about a 28% higher sales. Adding in these numbers to the lifetime sales of both platforms, the PS3 now lags 3.6 million units behind the 360.

Also interesting to note is that the year before this past year, the PlayStation 3 had been outsold by 1.5  million units. As illustrated by the numbers, the year-to-year sales gaps are now closing and if the trend continues, the PS3 could very well overtake Xbox 360 sales in 2011. Will this happen? With the PlayStation Move and Gran Turismo 5 looking to be the biggest system-sellers of the year, it is indeed a possibility. Tell us your take in the comments below. is updated frequently per day with the latest Free Slim PS3 news.

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