Six Flags delivers Mascot Park for Facebook

Facebook is more than just a social networking platform, as many games have already been developed for it that has got people hooked world over. Take a look at Mafia Wars and FarmVille for example – these two are really huge games with millions of fans around the world, making us wonder whether without Facebook, would it be as popular, or would Facebook be as popular without these games? The symbiotic relationship between the social networking site and games continue with the latest announcement of Mascot Park for Facebook being announced by Six Flags.

As the game begins, players enter the Mascot Park world as a customizable mascot with a single goal, to become the star of the show. Players put on performances to entertain friends. Better shows gain more fans and coins, thus giving players the ability to buy new costumes, unlock new mascots and add stage props and sets. Participants can invite their friends to join the show and add their own personal flavor by dropping a cartoon-style TNT box that splats a friend’s mascot or by choosing the classic pie-in-the-face maneuver. In Mascot Park, social collaboration exists on every level. For anyone looking to watch, create or disrupt a show, Six Flags Mascot Park spins together a fun-for-all Facebook experience with unique twists like hip-hop dancing rhinos and exploding bunny guns – both a first for any social networking game.

What are some of your favorite Facebook games that you have played so far, and do you think hardcore gamers will give these a go on a sustained basis? We don’t think so for the latter as they would most probably be more interested in seeing high quality framerates and non-stop action going on on their displays instead of clicking on cute little buttons or wait for turns as with most casual titles.

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