news: David Cage If Heavy Rain had been a commercial failure I would have left the industry

Latest PS3 news: gamestm: In an exclusive issue 100 interview with games regarding the future of games, Quantic Dream founder David Cage discussed the impact of motion control on the future of the industry, revealing an interesting viewpoint considering the recent integration of Move into Heavy Rain.

For me, emotion is everything. If you can create an experience that is emotionally engaging and though provoking I dont have anything against using motion control, said the game director. But are motion controllers the magic solution to our content issues? I dont think so. Yes, it will be a very useful device for many people who have difficulties using the standard controllers, but if we cannot offer anything more than tennis games we are not going to hold their interest for very long. Content is the key to everything. Once you have the right content, you can make it work with any type of device. Slim PS3 is updated regularly per day with the very latest Free PlayStation news and reviews.

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