Playstation 2 classics Ico and Shadow of Colossus in HD

Powerful games bought to new audience

Ico was the greatest game ever released on Playstation 2. Ico’s minimalist look and emotional pull – why don’t more games use the character hand-holding mechanic so memorably used here? – created a game unlike any other. The “spiritual successor” Shadow of the Colossus – also released on PS2 – didn’t quite hit the same highs but was still a memorable and powerful experience. So the confirmation that both are getting HD upgrades for a PS3 release is easily the best gaming news you will hear all month.

Famitsu – via andriasang – have published separate boxes for each but you would imagine a bundle release would make more sense in Europe. What we don’t want are any “updates” that detract from the original games. HD visuals will do fine thanks.

Anyway, what do you think? Excited by the news? And if so, what are your memories of Ico and Colossus?



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