PS3 news: 5 Tips For PlayStation 4 Dominance

In the course of human history, there comes a time when gamers start thinking ahead to the next generation of consoles.  Many people argue that all three consoles are winners in this generation.  However, Sony was in a position to defeat Microsoft and Nintendo and did not do so.  Here are five things Sony can do with the PS4 to ensure they come out on top, when the PS4 eventually appears years down the line.

1.  Innovate, don’t duplicate!

Innovation: Sony told us over and over again that Playstation Home would revolutionize how gamers played with each other.  That revolution lasted about 10 minutes inside Home until you realized there was NOTHING to do and the entire experience was one big ball of suck.

The sad thing about Sony’s best innovation is that it isn’t theirs. Blu-ray has been a saving grace for Sony allowing for more content and higher quality movies to be played on their gaming console.  I can’t give them credit for the invention but sticking that invention in each of their consoles is exactly the innovation they need to win the next generation.

Duplication: Microsoft gave us achievements and Sony duplicated it with the emptier feeling trophy system.  Now this may sound a little…how do I put it? off balanced, but achievements are the Los Angeles Lakers and trophies are the Los Angeles Clippers.  Their purpose is the same, they are both appreciated additions to the games entertainment value, but one is clearly superior to the other.

Remember that console you were soooo excited to purchase so you could use awesome motion controls and really feel immersed in the game?  The Woo…I mean, WII! Remember 6 months later when the novelty wore out and you clicked the “Confirm Auction” button on eBay?  Well guess what!?!  Sony has duplicated the Wii and brought us Playstation Move!  Even though Playstation Move will be have more accurate controls than those offered by the Wii, it’s just another novel idea that will end up chatting with your other unused peripherals…namely Donkey Konga bongos and the “Now free with the purchase of anything in Best Buy” DJ Hero turntable.

2. Better Launch Titles

Sony had a tough time getting out of the blocks with the PS3.  When Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII is one of the top three titles at launch, you have yourself a mighty big problem.  Of the 21 launch titles on the PS3, 17 were already available for the Xbox 360!  Resistance was the one bright spot and let’s be honest…it wasn’t that great.

Just to help Sony out, here are a few ideas for great launch titles for the PS4:

God of War V

Uncharted 4

Kevin Butler presents: The Adventures of Sax Guy and Old-Spice Man

3. Do NOT invest anymore time or money into 3D Gaming

Six months ago, I might have argued in the other direction with 3D gaming.  Avatar was filling seats with its hot Blue Man Group sci-fi action, and James Cameron did the 3D world proud. Bad news: every other movie released in 3D was not done nearly as well as Avatar and 4 seizures and 10 migraines later, I’m done with it. There are plenty of ways to push gaming into the future, but please Sony, don’t try and make 3D gaming one of those ways! My carpet hates vomit.

4.  Charge for PSN accounts to make it better

Forget about Playstation Plus, charge an annual fee for all users and use that money to make your network better.  Xbox Live is so much better than the Playstation Network, I tickle my elbows when people claim otherwise. Examples?

While Microsoft and their 8-person party chat is calling me from their satellite phone high atop Mount Kilimanjaro, Sony and their no-cross game chat system is yelling at me through a flamboyant male cheerleaders megaphone.

When I open my drawer of video games to grab an “oldie but goodie” to enjoy for an hour or so, I cringe when I reach for a PS3 game.  Why?  Because I know that if I grab a game I haven’t played in over 2 months, I will encounter a 150+MB update that will waste half of the time I had to play.  So I reach for an Xbox game instead.  Oh sure, my Xbox games have updates too, but they NEVER take more than 10 seconds to complete.

5.  Pray that Nintendo throws in the towel

Sony, you may want to send Mr. Cobb into the dreams of Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata and plant an idea in his brain to turn Nintendo into a dog food company.  A dog food consisting of primarily shredded mini-game themed video game discs.

Honestly, I don’t see Nintendo striking gold twice.  They’re enjoying the spoils of their gimmick for now, but when the time comes to move on to the next round of the console wars, Sony can give themselves a great shot at being number one if they “StumbleUpon” and read this article.

Unless of course Nokia makes an N-Gage Console…Then they can only hope for 2nd place.

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