PlayStation 3 gets 3D Blu-ray movies in Sony firmware update

3D Blu-ray is go on the PS3. Sony is today pushing out the firmware update that will let you add a dimension to Blu-ray discs on your 3D-compatible television.

You should be offered version 3.50 of the firmware next time you fire up your PS-triple. Download and install the update in the settings menu, don your dimension-hopping glasses and you’ll be getting your mind blown by Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs in very short order.

Any 3D-compatible telly should work with your PS3, including the Panasonic Viera VT20, Samsung C8000 or Sony’s own Bravia HX903.

If your brains are still intact and your eyeballs still securely located either side of your nose, there are a couple of other features in the firmware update. Games can be integrated with Facebook to pull in friends’ information, and nasty PlayStation Network messages can be reported.

A PlayTV firmware update is also on the way to the PS3 to offer a seven-day programme guide and series link recording, although it won’t be free.

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