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Download the God of War: Ghost of Sparta demo today for a glimpse into the mind-blowing action heading your way on PSP.

With God of War: Ghost of Sparta arriving in November 2010 on PSP, Ready at Dawn Studios has pulled back the curtain on their hugely anticipated game and unveiled a demo on PlayStation Store. Check out this guide to mastering the action available to download for free from PlayStation Store now.

Choose your destiny

The first thing you will need to do is decide whether you want to take the easy route or the hard one by choosing your difficulty setting – Mortal (Easy) or Hero (Normal). If you are an experienced God of War player, then Hero should be your first choice. If you are new to Kratos and his epic tale then why not start out on Mortal and work your way up in preparation for the full game?

Chosen your fate? Now it’s time to unleash your fury on the demonic minions that await your arrival in Atlantis.

Controlling the Spartan

Light attacks are performed by pressing the Square button, while heavy ones are mapped to the Triangle button. You can grab enemies and pummel them by pressing the Circle button when up close and personal during brawls.

If you find yourself backed into a corner in the demo (and you will!) Kratos and his enemies will tussle. Here, you have to tap the L button and R button alternatively in quick succession to win the grapple and smash your opponent. You can also block attacks by holding down the L button, and if you manage to time it correctly you can deflect a hit, stunning your enemy for a moment before allowing you to move in for the killer blow.

One of the most powerful moves in your arsenal is the launch attack, executed by holding down the Triangle button. It hurls enemies into the air, which means you can unleash a deadly array of combo attacks and wipe them out before they even hit the ground. However, it doesn’t work on some of the larger foes you’ll encounter, so be warned, they will require more of a tactical approach.

New moves, new weapons

Kratos has been kitted out with a number of new moves and weaponry including the superb Hyperion Charge, which is performed by holding the L button and pressing the Circle button. The charge allows you to run at an enemy, grapple them to the ground and pound them using a series of light and heavy attacks.

Kratos now possesses the Eye of Atlantis too, a magical weapon you’ll find yourself equipped with a little way into the demo. The Eye of Atlantis is an ancient relic that harnesses the power of Atlantis and hurls lightning bolts at your opponents. It’s extremely useful for when you encounter creatures that require a slick combination of combo attacks and magic blasts.

Alongside this, you’ll also get to wield the Arms of Sparta, which consists of a shield and spear. It’s perfect for blocking long-range attacks and can be used to bash enemies when up close. You can also use it as an attacking weapon from a distance by holding down the R button and pressing the Square button.

Say hello to Scylla

Midway through the demo you’ll encounter Scylla, a skyscraper sized sea creature with huge tentacles and just one of the many gargantuan beasts in God of War: Ghost of Sparta. The tantalising teaser brawl is just one portion of what promises to be a titanic battle between Scylla and Kratos.

Prepare yourself for the return of the Ghost of Sparta on PSP in November 2010.

Download the demo from PlayStation Store now and unleash your inner Spartan warrior!

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