Slim PS3 vs Xbox 360 sales figures

Since the PS3 Slim started appearing in the retail chain around 25 August, sales of the revised console have rocketed by a huge 104% to 75,931 units sold that week, up from 37,167 consoles the week prior to the new model being released. This doesn’t tell the whole story however as the Slim PS3 wasn’t fully available until the week after these figures were collected meaning that the next set of figures will probably see an even larger jump in sales.

During the same period the Xbox 360 also saw a sales increase of 32% where it sold 74,689 units compared to 56,448 the previous week. An impressive total considering that it only had a price cut to boost sales rather than a new console.

Devoid of either a new console or a price cut Nintendo suffered a 4% drop in the same period, although it still shifted 74,245 units. Perhaps the most remarkable statistic from these figures for us is how close in sales all of the consoles are, with less than 2,000 units covering the best to worst performers.

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