Last chance to vote for Xbox 360 or iPhone in Greatest Gadget tournament – Console news

The X Factor final may get plenty of press this weekend, but there’s an issue of much greater interest at hand than deciding whether Matt or Cher is the best singer. That’s right — we’ve reached the grand final in CNET UK’s Greatest Gadget of the 21st Century tournament. 

The last six weeks have seen 32 gallant gadgets whittled down to just two contenders. Nokia, BlackBerry and Sony devices have been among those banished by your votes, leaving the final battle to be fought between the oldest tech foes of all: Microsoft and Apple. 

Which device do you think is the best gadget of the last ten years — the iPhone or the Xbox 360? You have until midnight on Sunday to express your view. Visit this page to cast your vote, and come back on Monday to see the final result. 

Your vote enters you into a draw to win an amazing prize from among a stash that includes an Arcam rCube, a BlackBerry Bold 9700, a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and a MiFi from 3, or one of ten Idapt i4 multi-gadget chargers.

Click here by midnight on Sunday to vote.    is updated regularly every day with all latest console news.

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