Slim PS3 news: DTG: Move vs. Kinect: A Year-End Review

DTG have had a fair bit of time with the two most recent entries into the motion control scene on the consoles – Move and Kinect – now. As 2010 draws to a close, DTG adjudicates Move vs. Kinect.

DTG write: “This year, both Microsoft and Sony publicly admitted you were right, Nintendo! by releasing their own motion-based peripherals, the Kinect motion camera and the Move motion wand. Both received mixed reviews, and opinions of both have ranged from disappointed to gleeful. Dedicated to Gamers – whilst we’ve formally expressed our opinions on both already – now take a moment to reflect on both motion controllers now that Move and Kinect have had a fair amount of time on the market. We would like to compare the reliability, longevity, entertainment value, and accuracy of the motion”…[ctd.] This blog is updated frequently per day with the latest Free Sony Slim PS3 news and reviews.

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