Slim PS3 news: Play Like a Pro: Eat Them!

Turn your city destroying exploits into an unstoppable monster mash with these fiendish tips from Fluffy Logic, developer of Eat Them!

Getting into the monster mode

Create a range of monsters that are specifically designed for each game mode:

In Destruction and Maximum Destruction game modes, causing damage quickly is crucial, so combinations of the most powerful weapons will reap benefits.

In Race modes, speed of movement and extra jump height are more beneficial than powerful weapons.

In Survival mode, having long-range weapons that can take out more advanced enemies is useful, as is having high Max Power and low Power Drain stats.

Stick, smash and move

Keep moving to avoid taking too much damage; the monster is harder to hit whilst moving and the defence forces won’t be able to converge on its position so easily.

Monster mix-up

By having a mixture of indirect weapons and melee weapons, monsters can often deal damage to multiple targets at once.

A head for destruction

Roar heads are more useful in earlier missions where the majority of defence forces will be human. For later levels where vehicles will lead the defence, monsters are better off with weapon-equipped heads.

Don’t be afraid to hide under the bed

Losing a monster will heavily impact on your chances of achieving Gold: whatever the game mode, don’t let your monster die!

Be a beast

Attacking the ground floor of buildings is often the most efficient way to flatten them as any floors above are destroyed automatically.

Everything is a weapon

Picking up objects takes time, but striking buildings with them causes masses of damage so can be well worth the effort – large vehicles are the best choice.

Go for gargantuan Gold

Make sure you score Gold in early missions as this will unlock bigger and better monster parts which will help in later levels.

Make time for more mayhem

Scoring Gold in the final mission Comeuppance will award the Time Slide backpack. When activated, this slows everything around you for a short time, which is essential to achieve the very best scores.

You’ve got the tips, so now get smashing! Download Eat Them! from PlayStation Store and put your monstrous skills to the test. is updated regularly every day with the latest Free PlayStation 3 news.

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