Sony PSP 2 reportedly set for launch on 27 January – Console news

Blimey. While we were all distracted by the rumoured it’s-so-real-but-they-just-won’t-confirm-it Sony PlayStation Phone, games industry publication MCV is reporting that the next iteration of the Sony PSP (that’s PlayStation Portable don’cha know) the PSP 2 will be officially unveiled at a press conference in Tokyo on 27 January.

MCV says games publishers were informed last year of Sony’s plans, and that some of Sony’s biggest developers are already toiling away on titles for the new console. That means when it does become official, there should be some games for Sony to show off as well.

We’re not sure yet what the PSP 2 will have inside it, but considering how smart phones have taken off recently, we’d hope for a few mobile-esque features, such as 3G connectivity and Web browsing.

We’d also like to see some seriously meaty hardware, to keep the PSP ahead of the curve when it comes to mobile gaming — you’d be surprised at the kind of gaming kicks devices such as the iPhone 4 are capable of.

The PSP 2, if and when it becomes official, will also be up against Nintendo’s 3DS console, which we’ve already previewed. The 3DS offers 3D gaming without the need for wearing dorky glasses, and we like the look of it very much.

What do you think? Is this too little, too late from Sony? Or do you love your PSP and can’t wait to see what it comes up with next? The comments section and our Facebook wall are the place to vent that spleen. 

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