PS3 news: PS3 To Get Cloud Game Saving In OS Update

PlayStation 3 games are reportedly expected to implement cloud-based game saving — whereby users can store save data to remote servers rather than on the PS3′s hard drive.

According to a report in consumer weblog Kotaku, Sony’s telling its developers to be prepared for this “Online Saving” feature.

This feature, rumored as an eventual possibility since 2009, to come with the next PS3 firmware update, 3.60, and may reportedly be offered to PlayStation Plus subscribers only.

As the feature “will allow save data with the copy prohibited attribute to be copied into the online storage”, developers concerned about copy protection issues will have the option of disallowing the feature with their games, the report continues.

Data saved to the cloud wouldn’t take up space on a user’s hard drive, and it would also be tied to a user’s PlayStation Network account.

This means that PS3 users can use the save data wherever they’re logged in, as long as the applicable game is present.

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