Slim PS3 news: Ultimate Recruit – Mission 1

The latest news:

Training gets into full-swing this week with the launch of Mission 1

The first of four training simulations, Mission 1 will test recruits’ investigative skills while educating them about the Helghast.

Recruits will work their way through a trail of Helghast propaganda sites, featuring game history and exclusive content.  In order to achieve a bronze medal, recruits must locate all the hidden sites (while logged-in to the campaign hub).

Training missions all launch from the campaign hub where recruits will receive a video briefing from Sergeant McCain.  Mission 1 automatically tracks users as they make their journey through the propaganda sites and updates their mission progress on the campaign hub.  Each mission has hidden layers, silver and gold, which if a player can crack will gain them the access to extra prizes such as custom Killzone themes and unlock points for the Killzone 3 multiplayer game.

Completing Ultimate Recruit Theory Training is the best way to guarantee a place on the Live Fire Range and have a chance of winning a VIP trip to E3 plus a range of other prizes. These include a PS3, Helghast Edition Killzone 3, signed artwork and in-game points.

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