PS3 news: FirstPlay: See the future of PS3. First. Episode 46

Killzone 3, Swords and Soldiers, Homefront, Dragon Age 2, Supermacy MMA.

In episode 46 of FirstPlay, on the Store this Wednesday, we have a huge in-depth review of Killzone 3 and with the game being the new visual benchmark for PS3; FirstPlay is the best way to check out how it’ll look on your TV.

Aside from that we’re also still in a giving mood, with another pair of Swords & Soldiers themed PSN avatars to download. And we have a great line-up of other video content, including an interview with Gearbox chief and Duke Nukem saviour Randy Pitchford, a reviews round-up of recent PS3 releases and a look at cold crime drama The Town on Blu-ray.

We’ve also got a chat with games hero Tim Schafer and Stacking creator Tim Petty about making the body-popping doll puzzler, and a profile of Brian Holinka from Homefront developer Kaos Studios. We’ve also got a look at the latest minis, a tour of the weirdest stuff available to buy from the PlayStation Store, which starts with stone dogs and giant cats and gets stranger from there, and this week’s screenshot galleries, which this week feature SSX Deadly Descents, Dragon Age 2 and Supremacy MMA.

All of this comes for just 99p, or less if you pick up a 12 week subscription for £8.99.

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