PlayStation news: Ultimate Recruit – Mission 4

Grand Finale!

The ISA Ultimate Recruit Training Programme has reached its climactic conclusion this weekend with Mission 4. After the events of the week, players begin the mission attempting to track the elusive Agent 72 to the secret ammo cache hidden somewhere on earth. Players will have to use their skills in tracking, hacking and puzzle solving in order to find the ammo cache and complete their theory training with the ISA.

This mission precedes the opening of the ISA’s Live Fire Range this week, where selected recruits gain the opportunity to bear arms and fire a real Helghast weapon via their computers. The top two scorers from the Live Fire Range will win a VIP trip to the E3 convention in Los Angeles, with other prizes such as PS3s and exclusive Helghast editions of the game being awarded to players who go beyond the call of duty in their theory training. It’s not too late to get involved; just make sure that you have collected 10 symbols and have completed all four missions and you too can stand a chance of making your way to the Live Fire Range and potentially on to E3.

Ultimate Recruit – will you make the grade?


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