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Become one of the elite with SOCOM: Special Forces on PlayStation 3 for an explosive shooter where you can prove you’re the best of the best.

The world of SOCOM is a tough one. It’s full of camaraderie, danger, blood and bullets. Teamwork and tactics are essential to surviving and it’s no use having big weapons without the smarts to know when to use them. SOCOM: Special Forces challenges you to show the world – and your friends – that you’ve got what it takes.

First strike

South East Asia is in chaos. A brutal revolution is taking place which threatens to spill out into global war. Guiding a five-man NATO squad, it’s your job to contain the anarchy and neutralise the deadly group known as the Naga. You have six days… and the pressure is on.

Playing as Operations Commander Cullen Grey, this pressure falls on your head. You take direct control of Grey, while your four other computer-controlled teammates, Forty-Five, Wells, Schweitzer and Chung, can act of their own accord or take direct orders from you. They perform actions such as moving into a certain position or concentrating fire on particular targets – they’ll also mimic your movements when they’re not in a firefight. So you don’t need to worry about them taking a few random shots if you’re trying to silently sneak through an area full of heavily armed enemies.

Without commands, you can count on your teammates to return fire when needed, assume flanking positions and take cover whenever necessary. Alternatively, you’ll gain great satisfaction from positioning them to spring an ambush on the enemy or ordering them to pick off distant targets before your foes even know where you are.

If you prefer to have you mates by your side, you can be joined by four friends for a co-operative mode which is sure to test your ability to work as a unit in the heat of covert operations.

Moving commands

With many objectives to complete, such as downloading data from a computer terminal, destroying a specific target or defending an area from an onslaught of enemies, you’ll need to make sure you work as a team and use all the equipment at your disposal.

Weapons such as assault rifles and concussion grenades are great for blazing conflicts, sniper rifles are perfect when you need that touch of long distance subtlety, while shotguns are all about being up close and personal. And if you need something a little more explosive, air strikes can be called in to take care of large targets or deadly artillery.

If you’re looking for an even greater advantage, then the PlayStation Move motion controller is what you’ll want on your side. With the motion controller to aim your shots and the Navigation Controller or wireless controller manipulating your movement you can take down the enemy with staggering precision and ease. Place the motion controller and navigation controller into a PlayStation Move sharp shooter and you have the ultimate weapon to take on the Naga.

PS Move takes you even deeper into the intense SOCOM: Special Forces experience – and you can expect to be thrown even further into the action if you have a stereoscopic 3D compatible TV. Bullets will ping around you and rockets will look like they’re zipping past your head in an intense third person shooter experience few can match.

Target sighted

With its rich environments, a gripping cinematic campaign mode with 14 levels and massive 32 player online mode, SOCOM: Special Forces is sure to give you a blast of addictive shooting action when it reports in for an April 2011 release.

It’s your time to shine. So fire up your PS3, choose your weapons, gather your team and get to it. For more intel on SOCOM: Special Forces, keep your sights trained on and PlayStation.Blog at is updated regularly per day with the latest Slim PS3 news and hardware reviews.

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