Slim PS3 news: TIG: Dynasty Warriors 9000…err 7?

Just when you thought you had mindlessly slain your last Asian warrior, everyones favorite KOEI franchise redeems itself in its latest iteration – Dynasty Warriors 7. For all those worried and concerned, both Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will be able to travel back in time yet again to save the world from the treacherous likes of Lu Bu and Cao Cao. It would be a challenge for me to say that KOEI has taken a lot of risks in their 7th edition. One would only hope that by remaking a game 7 different times it would be completely and totally perfected by now; bringing even the most veteran of gamers to their knees in the sheer beauty of its gameplay. However, Dynasty Warriors 7 is still the same old hack-n-slash, button-mashing, mindless slaughter that it always has been.
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