PlayStation Vita coming 28 October, according to leaked Blockbuster flyer

The PlayStation Vita could be arriving in the UK on 28 October, if a leaked flyer from antiquated VHS flogger Blockbuster is to be believed.

The flyer, which was sent into gaming website IGN by a reader, lists the Vita as coming to Britain in late October, in both Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi plus 3G versions.

Vita might sound like a sea salt-infused skin cream, but in fact it’s Sony’s new handheld games console, previously known as the Sony NGP. It’s Sony’s stab at unseating the Nintendo 3DS, and it packs hardware powerful enough to make your head spin.

Two analogue sticks, a front-facing camera and a 5-inch OLED display adorn the front, while the back features a touch-sensitive trackpad area, another camera, and a thing for getting stones out of horses’ hooves (one of these may be made up). The inside is packed with sensors, and a quad-core processor will power the whole shebang. 

Price tagged

The Wi-Fi version will cost £230, according to the flyer, while £280 will nab you the 3G version, which lets you use the Vita’s online capabilities while out and about.

That’s more than we wanted the Vita to cost, but about what we expected. It’s possible prices will drop quite quickly closer to the console’s launch, as retailers scrabble to undercut each other.

We were worried we wouldn’t be getting any Vita before Christmas, but this flyer goes some way to allaying those fears. Will you be shelling out to live the Vita loca, or will you veto the Vita? Perhaps you think handheld gaming is for chumps who don’t have a decent smart phone? Let us know in the comments section below, or on our Facebook wall.

Image credit: IGN

PS. On a side note, we’d like to reiterate our long-standing gratitude to Blockbuster for not formatting its name ‘BlockBuster’, with two capital letters. It is refreshingly old-fashioned.

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