PS3 news: Top Tips: Dead Island

Stay alive on the island of the dead with these horrifying hints from the game’s developer, Techland.

Fight smart, fight zombie smartWhenever you can, aim your attacks. A hit to the head deals much more damage than a hit to a zombie’s leg. Aiming is the best way to take down Thug Zombies – their long reach and hitting power can be stopped as soon as you can cut off or break their arms.

It’s a good idea to start a sequence of attacks with a kick. It will break the zombie’s counter-attack by throwing it off balance, giving you that extra second to land your own blow. A well aimed jump-kick combo knocks out enemies but the stamina cost is very high.

Know your weapons, respect your weapons

The hammer may be your best friend on this island. You should always have at least one or two really good melee weapons in your inventory. Keep an eye on their durability indicator and repair them whenever you can.

It’s much more expensive to restore a completely broken weapon than it is to keep it in shape. You can also maintain a number of expendable weapons that you won’t miss that much if you need to throw them quickly, or drop them on the battlefield. Be sure to favour weapons that benefit your character’s skill bonuses because they make a big difference.

Collect, upgrade, modifyThe better your base weapon is, the more effective modifications will be. Save the most expensive modifications for really good weapons such as the ones marked in green. They will serve you for a long time when fully upgraded and modified.

Parts for modifications can be bought from merchants. Tour their shops once in a while to check for missing components. It’s also a good idea to invest in diamonds because you won’t lose them when you die.

Be prepared

The resort area is only the beginning. In the city slums and further into the island’s interior, you’ll have to be alert and plan ahead for some really tough fights. Always carry at least one or two Molotov cocktails. They go great with meat bait if you can get it (by killing the infected with blunt instruments). Save the Molotov cocktails for situations where there’s more at stake than just your life, like characters you may be escorting to safety.

Hit them when they’re downSave your weapons for worthy opponents. When the zombies are down, kick or stomp on them to finish the fight. If you have to use something other than your boots, remember that a downward swing damages your weapon, but is also extremely powerful. Don’t forget to use your fury skills for large groups of enemies by pressing the Circle button on your wireless controller.

Embrace analog

In the options menu you can switch combat controls to analog on your wireless controller. This is a cool mode designed for better control and immersion. Push the right stick to precisely launch your melee attacks and enable some new tricks. An upward swing is the ultimate weapon against charging infected. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Pick up a copy of Dead Island on PlayStation 3 today and see if you can survive the night at the world’s most terrifying holiday resort. is updated regularly every day with the very latest Slim PS3 news and games reviews.

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